Run an existing tool or click Start to sign in and create a new tool.

Create a new tool

Option 1: Create a new tool using a notebook

  1. Create a new notebook.
  2. Initialize arguments in the first code cell.
  3. Print properties in x = y format.
    print('z = 100')  # Python
  4. Click the green paper plane to preview your tool.

Option 2: Upload a tool archive

  1. Download our application framework.
    pip install -U crosscompute crosscompute-types
  2. Create a configuration file based on our examples and documentation.
    pcreate -s cc-python your-tool
    crosscompute run
    crosscompute serve
  3. Compress the configuration file, script and templates into a single archive. Click Start to sign in and upload the archive.

Run an existing tool

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estimate-electricity-cost-by-technology-from-population starsareblueandfaraway 4 days ago
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