Introduction to Computational Analysis

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Anomaly detection

Jack is building an early-warning system for unusual server activity. He is using the following variables gathered from server access logs:

  • Location of IP address
  • Day of the week
  • Time of day
  • Number of unique URLs accessed by IP address in the last minute
  • Average number of access counts per url
In [3]:
from scripts import make_logs
logs = make_logs(inlierCount=1000, outlierCount=10)
inliers =[:1000]
outliers =[1000:]
In [4]:
from sklearn import svm
model = svm.OneClassSVM(nu=0.1, kernel='rbf', gamma=0.1)
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In [6]:
In [7]:
In [8]:
predictions = model.predict(inliers)
errors = predictions[predictions == -1].size 
print 'Error rate: %s %%' % (100 * errors / float(len(predictions)))
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