New York City Restaurant Inspection Results

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a_table_path = 'table.csv'  # Define a table as an input argument
target_folder = '/tmp'      # Define target_folder as a special argument
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import pandas as pd
table = pd.read_csv(a_table_path)
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row_count = len(table)
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lines = []
line_template = '{count} {units} of {description} at ${unit_price:.2f} each'
for index, row in table.iterrows():
In [ ]:
# Save your output files in target_folder to make them available for download
# Note that target_folder is a special argument and must be spelled exactly

from os.path import join
y_text_path = join(target_folder, 'summary.txt')
open(y_text_path, 'wt').write('\n'.join(lines))
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print('row_count = %s' % row_count)
print('summary_text_path = %s' % y_text_path)

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