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This notebook will show you how to use the audio/video plugins in your tools to display audio and video files in your results

First, be sure to install crosscompute-audio and crosscompute-video via pip

pip install -U crosscompute-audio crosscompute-video

next all you have to do is reference the audio or video file in your print statement using the following suffixes respectively

  • '_audio_path'
  • '_video_path'
In [4]:
mp3_url = ''
target_folder = '.'
In [5]:
import urllib
from os.path import join

mp3_name = join(target_folder, 'funny.mp3')
urllib.urlretrieve(mp3_url, mp3_name)
print('hilarious_audio_path = %s' % mp3_name)
hilarious_audio_path = ./funny.mp3