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You wrote a script to generate a report that someone is going to scrutinize to make a decision. It took forever to painstakingly perfect the document and slides, but next week you will have to make the slides again. NOO!!
A colleague heard of your script and asks if you can run it on a different dataset. You start tweaking the script parameters when you realize that if you want to make it on time to your favorite class at the gym, you should have left ten minutes ago. NOOOO!!!!
What if your readers could run your script on their own?
Now you can deploy your script as a web tool and send the URL to your readers so that they can run it themselves.
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Here are our top creators! A creator is someone who has made at least one of their notebooks or tools public. Change the visibility of your notebooks and tools to public if you want to feature them on your profile.






Our tool framework is a set of open source packages that we have created for converting a script and configuration file into a web tool. The tool framework forms the core of our website, being responsible for converting notebooks into tools, rendering tool interfaces and running workers. See our documentation or browse our repositories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show a tool on my profile? Choose the notebooks and tools you want to feature on your profile and set their visibility to Public.

What if I want to send a tool but not show it on my profile? Hidden visibility means that the notebook or tool does not appear on your profile but can still be accessed via link.

Can I let users run my tools but not reveal my code? Make your notebooks secret if you do not want users to see the code for your tools.

Will I still have intellectual property over my code? Our Terms of Service clearly state that you retain intellectual property rights over your code.

Why are we doing this? We want to help Tool Creators like you!