Hazard Mitigation Planning for Electric Cooperatives

Prioritize Infrastructure Upgrades

Help communities prepare for hazards, by connecting the best tools from researchers.

Webify Your Scripts into Report Products

We are building a system that makes it easy for analysts to turn scripts, notebooks and spreadsheets into web-based report products. Do you have a script, notebook or spreadsheet that you want to turn into a web-based report product? Do you want to manage access, gather data and track payments? Message us with the subject Webify YOUR-REPORT-TITLE.

Apply to List Your Profile in Our Upcoming Computational Marketplace

Would you like your work to be featured in our upcoming computational marketplace? We want to hear from you!

We are building a computational marketplace and want to know what you would like to see and do when customers interact with the tools and reports on your profile. Gather leads? Get referral traffic? Let customers experiment with a package, SDK or API? Earn subscription revenue? Earn ad revenue? Fund future open source projects?

If you have a computational model, scenario planning or decision support tool that you would like to list in our marketplace, please submit a short application and we will contact you.

CrossCompute Framework Release Notes

Turn your Jupyter notebook, Python script, Julia script, R script or Bash script into a web-based tool or runnable report by writing a configuration file. Version adds variable labels and basic styling. In the coming weeks, we will add more ways to gather data from your forms. Request a feature, document an issue or ask a question.

Read release notes.

CrossCompute Framework Release Notes

We are happy to announce the latest release of our open source analytics automation system. Analysts can use our framework to create lightweight automations that are easy to maintain. Domain experts can deploy changes to automated reports without having to wait for engineers, resulting in faster iterations.

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Lightweight Architecture for Analytics Automation

Your star analyst or engineer quits and nobody can update her spreadsheets and scripts. Making the first version is the easy part -- the hard work is rewriting code as customers use the product. Furthermore, large apps rely on engineers that are in short supply and expensive.

A better approach is to start small. Analysts should create lightweight automations that are easy to maintain. Domain experts can then deploy changes to analytics content without having to wait for engineers, resulting in faster iterations.

With the CrossCompute Analytics Automation System, your team can lower the barrier to entry for prototyping and delivering new reports, forms, tools to your customers. Our team specializes in report automation for microgrid and electricity infrastructure planning. We are also experienced in interactive mapping for scenario planning, geospatial data collection, logistical optimization through operations research, road/path planning algorithms, satellite image recognition and office automation.

Contact us to learn more about our CrossCompute Analytics Automation System and Support Services.

Open Call for Runnable Reports

CrossCompute is announcing an Open Call for Runnable Reports in Infrastructure Planning, Emergency Planning and Community Development. Community Development in this context means the ability of community members to plan and build their own infrastructure.

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