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Current Project

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We are currently working on open source step-by-step wizards that communities can use to prepare their hazard mitigation grant proposals and plans in a way that is compliant with FEMA standards. We are focusing on natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes with an emphasis on microgrid planning as a mitigation strategy for electrical infrastructure.

Products & Services


Deploy your own step-by-step wizard to generate a custom web-based report for thousands of concurrent users.


Sell subscription access to your step-by-step wizard and web-based report.


Transform your Jupyter notebook or command-line script into a step-by-step wizard that generates a web-based report.


Edit your step-by-step wizard and web-based report directly in the browser.
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Uses By Industry

Government Agencies

Save time and money by automating routine reports.

Power Utilities

Generate living infrastructure maps that communicate planned upgrades, construction status and service disruptions.

Microgrid Manufacturers

Help communities make a purchasing decision by letting them plan their own microgrid infrastructure in the browser.

Electrical Manufacturers

Help your customers decide which product fits their needs by creating interactive decision support reports.

News Organizations

Help readers connect with services in their community by embedding tables, charts, maps that are personalized to your reader's location.

Technical Publishers

Provide interactive educational exercises for your readers.
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Our values

Our Motivation

Help researchers commercialize their computational inventions while protecting their intellectual property

Our Mission

Inspire researchers to automate reports that improve health, safety and quality of life

Our Vision

Grow a marketplace where analysts create custom planning reports without touching code