Optimize Your Work

CrossCompute is a turnkey analytics platform for publishing your own automated reports. Our mission is to inspire creators to publish reports that improve community health, safety and quality of life. We provide training and support to help your organization automate reports using Python + Markdown + CSS on our platform through our CrossCompute JupyterLab Extension.

Step 1: Try tools from researchers here on the public site.

Step 2: Deploy a secure dedicated instance of the CrossCompute Platform for your organization to A) gather data with custom forms, B) analyze data using tools from researchers and C) automate your own reports in Python+Markdown with our JupyterLab extension.

Step 3: License your tools and reports to other organizations to earn subscription revenue.

Our Services

CrossCompute helps organizations connect with creators to automate processes so that your team can focus, create and innovate.

Report Automation Platform Training + Support

Receive Training + Support to accelerate the automation of interactive HTML and static PDF reports that must be delivered on a recurring basis and that contain tables, charts, maps customized for each recipient.

Computational Analysis Tools Training + Support

Learn to apply advanced analytical techniques in your reports. Topics include infrastructure planning, operations research, spatial optimization, spatial analysis, remote sensing, financial analysis and office automation. Contact us to design a custom curriculum based on your needs.

Platform Development Training + Support

Build your own analytics platform from scratch within your organization. Topics include platform architecture, design and engineering.

Asset Tracker Support

Track asset attributes, connections, tasks and risks and create a digital map of your electricity distribution network that can be analyzed by compatible software.